Easy Peasy Worm Bin

We have wanted to keep worms for years now, but have never been able to settle on a good plan for a worm composter. I was hunting around the internet and came up with some plans that gave me an idea for this one and it works great.

The best things about it?

1. Very cheap if not free to make.

2. Easy.

3. Can be made to any size.


A plastic storage bin with lid. Must be opaque, not clear. Color not important. If you have 2, even better. You can make a stacking system and not have to dig your worms.

Something to raise the bin off the ground a bit for drainage. I used 4 bricks.

Something to drain the bin into. I used the lid of the second bin.

Let’s Get Started

Take your plastic bin (or bins) and turn it upside down. Drill rows of small holes in the bottom for drainage. You want holes about the same diameter as a worm. Next turn it back upright and drill a few rows of smaller ventilation holes around the top under the lid.

OK. That’s it. All the hard work is done. Fill it with some organic material (I cleaned out my rabbit cage into it) and add some worms. Find something to lift it off the ground with. Then put the lid on and let them go to it.

You can continue to add organic material as you have it. Kitchen scraps, yard clippings, whatever. They will eat it up and make baby worms. Water your worms slightly from time to time. They like the damp. Keep them in a warm dark place, like your garage.

Once the matter starts to break down, you can catch the liquid that drains out the bottom and use it to fertilize your plants (worm tea). When the bin is all broken down, take off the lid. Put the second bin inside of the first and fill it with fresh organic material. Put the lid on the top bin. The worms will crawl up the holes over the next few days to get at the new food. When they are done, remove the bottom bucket and use your beautiful compost.

Way too easy.

About crispyfarms

Owner of small family farm in sunny central Florida. Lover of both plants and dogs.
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