Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Today my kids were sick so we didn’t do a lot. Kind of did that hole up mid-summer afternoon in the living room thing.

If you live out here then you know summer is a  very warm and wet time, best saved for cold springs, water balloon fights, and home swimming pools that aren’t yet too hot to swim in. We have none of those today and we are all sick and/or bored. Bored of TV, bored of Uno, bored of Monopoly. We even tried chess for a few days. New thing. Still bored.

My children are bored, the neighbor children are bored.

So the neighbor zombies approach. One comes up in the morning, no, we can’t play, we are sick…

One comes in the afternoon, same tale of woe..Staggering search for brains or entertainment…

Until, neighbor chicken is spotted in our yard! Cue the music from Bennie Hill as all children go crazy trying to catch the wayward chicken. Shirtless sick kid, bored neighbor kid, lazy kid on the sofa. They played that poor thing the way a cat plays a lizard. Beat out by girl across the street, chicken is caught.

Returned home safely to my neighbor, far less of a good deed than cheap (cheep???) entertainment.

Out here we will take what we can get.

About crispyfarms

Owner of small family farm in sunny central Florida. Lover of both plants and dogs.
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